Me Time

Some times we lose track of “me time”.

Heck, look how often we lose track of… Time. We often lose track of taking care of ourselves. It may because you have a demanding job, kids to run around after, are busy taking care of everyone else around you, are taking care of a home, or all of the above.

Although we may not even realize it, it can allow our stress to get completely out of control.

I have a two year old and a two month old and between caring for them and taking care of my house, everyday stressors etc. it can be a challenge to find time for myself.

Very recently I decided I needed to come up with a schedule that allows me to have a little time carved out to take a bath, get back into doing a nightly beauty ritual, do yoga, watch a show, or just have time with my thoughts without “the tractor song” in the background, lol!

I have only been doing this for a mere 2 days now, but I feel so much more peaceful and relaxed when I wake up.

Noises seem less loud, coffee tastes better, cleaning feels less like a chore, and I have more energy to read that extra story to my son.

My go to “me time” are baths. I love the ritual that is a bath. The bath salts, soaks, petals, soaps. It just feels good. Not to mention it alleviates some of my upper body pressure from carrying my 2 month old around so much of the day!

This made me think of a plant needing water to grow. We need moments like this to grow spiritually just like we need our kids and the moments that happen in our lives to help us grow as people. To help us grow wiser. To help them grow as people. To help them grow wiser.

So to all the people out there thinking things like “Why do I feel worn out?”

“Why do I feel tension in my shoulders?”

“When am I going to be able to get a good nights sleep?” Try to stop stressing so much and don’t be afraid to take a tiny bit of time to relax! You can’t control every aspect of your life, but you can at least try to control carving out a minute to take a bath or even just have a cup of hot tea.

No one is perfect, I certainly am NOT.

I do want to make it a point to be able to soak up every perfect moment that I can though. Whether it’s my two month olds first laugh, my 2 year old saying silly things, spending time with my family, or relaxing.

I’m attempting to gain a bit of inner lightness and clarity. Whether it’s through something more simple like organization, or something more difficult like facing the things that drag down that lightness, or darken that light.

So, to the single ladies, stop thinking, to yourself “I can’t believe he didn’t call!” And if he does call 2 weeks later tell him. “Sorry, I’m washing my hair.”

To the goddess mamas! Stop thinking, “It’s the dishes or a nap!” It can be both!! Just not at the same time” you can’t do the dishes if you collapse from exhaustion!

To the power house working ladies! Stop thinking, “I just have to finish this spreadsheet (at 10pm)! Put the closed sign on your forehead or your bedroom door!”


First Instagram Collab

I recently hosted my first Instagram collab! 

Our theme was “otherworldly”.. As in other worldly creatures.

I was a mermaid and both of the other makeup artists in the collab chose to be villains! 
I had so much fun doing this collab and really love the Instagram makeup community. Hope you like our looks!
Check out the fabulous and ultra talented Jade and Julie on Instagram! 

@therealslimjadee_ & @julie_odsgaard

Julie was inspired by Cruella Deville! Such a great take. 

Oh my stars!! NARS!

My obsession with NARS highlighter is real! They are so creamy, so pigmented, so lustrous! I started out using the cream illuminator in Copacabana and let me tell you, it is the perfect, Strobe-worthy highlighter, if you have a light skin tone. 

I swore by Copacabana for forever and then one day while shopping at Sephora I came across New Order, a crazy pink highlighter with blue undertones and flecks of gold. I had to have it. Literally, I gasped upon the tester swatch. Unfortunately, due to error I walked out of Sephora with NARS Albatross shade instead and before returning It I decided to give it a swatch (even though at a glance it looked like every other highlighter to me.) 

Well, it wasn’t!! It was this gorgeous, creamy highlighter, with golden orange, champagne iridescence. Intense!! I could see it working on many, many skin tones.

Other similar toned highlighter I have are lackluster compared to Albatross so, I decided to keep it and also order New Order which I also love as kind of a blush contour more than a true highlighter. It highlights but doesn’t Strobe. It’s so much fun. Especially with a pop of color on the eyes. It’s also strangely great on the forehead. 

The packaging on the powder highlighter is nice and sleek, as well. Easy for travel, etc. They retail for $30.00 and are available at Sephora and NARS, to name a couple. 

So, go out and try a “NARS highlighting blush” or illuminator! I get so many compliments. I swear, they won’t disappoint. 

Everlasting Liquid Lipstick *review*

I made a mini Sephora haul yesterday and will be reviewing some of the products I picked up. I’m already so in love with some of them. Well, maybe all of them, actually. 

The first product I’ll be reviewing is a liquid lipstick I picked up by Kat Von D beauty in the shade “underage red”. I usually use ABH when it comes to liquid lipstick but this one by KVD popped out at me and I love some of her other products, so I decided to try. 

First off, it looked amazing and glided on perfectly. It’s a little stickier than ABH and has a much different consistency. Kind of oily or glossy going on. I believe that helped in creating less dryness though!

I wore this for the first time to an outdoor event. 99 degree weather and lots of drinks. I got home 5 hours later and it was still on and there was NO CRUMBLE, drying, or cracking!! I couldn’t believe it. It didn’t feel cakey at all. I’m Amazed!

It doesn’t have quite as much staying power as ABH, but it didn’t dry my lips out as much either. 

One thing I will say could be both a pro and a con is that it was pretty hard to get off at the end of the night. I looked like a clown after attempting to wash it off with water, it smeared everywhere, but my favorite lip scrub and some water on a wash cloth took it right off. It’s interesting though because it seems and feels like a pretty light liquid lipstick. 

One con: I did notice a little bit of wear on my lower lip at the end of the night. 

The shade I tried reminded me a bit of Mac’s famous, Ruby Woo. 

Underage Red is the perfect, classic, red shade. Doesn’t lean orange, does any lean pink. Super romantic. 

Overall, I’m impressed once again with Kat Von D’s products.

The packaging is sexy and romantic.

The products have fun, kitschy names.

The colors pop. 

Kat Von D’s Everlasting liquid lipstick retails for $20. 

You can find it in store or online at Sephora or on the Kat Von D beauty website. 

Treat your lips to this Lush treat! 

Lush chocolate lip scrub pictured with Telluride Truffle chapstick! Chocolate explosion. I love to follow with Burt’s bees mint chapstick for a refreshing chill, as well.

So, recently I purchased a bunch of easter products from Lush for a friend. I’ve never jumped on the Lush train myself, so while ordering I decided to grab a chocolate lip scrub to try. I’m now obsessed with this product! 

If you are addicted to liquid lipsticks like me, you must invest in a great lip scrub. It just gets all the dried up, excess liquid lipstick off at the end of the day and repairs your lips to their rightful, youthful sheen. I always follow with a good chapstick though, because it can dry your lips out a bit.

This product leaves your lips tasting great and feeling exfoliated and soft. Traces of tangerine oil underneath the chocolatey smell and taste make you feel like you just ate a tart! Just be sure not to scrub too hard, ouch!

Lush Is a very natural brand and this particular product is made with sugar, cocoa, different natural oils, etc. Their service was great and my package arrived so quickly. 

I use this almost every night and always after liquid lipstick has dried out and caked onto my lips. 

This product is vegan and retails for $9.95. 

There are lots of other fun scents/flavors to try as well, like popcorn, bubblegum and mint julep!

Treat your lips to this Lush treat! 

Beauty Q&A with Jade Alexandra

Child model turned mannequin, Jade Alexandra is an alluring force.

An angelic voice paired with young, edgy lyrics and a face that look as if she has a permanent snapchat filter on it makes for something as bright as Jades pink hair and strobed cheeks. 
Jade is a talented songstress, model, and makeup artist and makes a statement everywhere she goes.

I don’t just love Jade because she’s my sister, but because she is complex and fierce. That’s why I decided I needed to ask her all about her beauty regime, etc. 
Wild Swan: Jade, you are talented special fx makeup artist and one of my makeup muses. How did you get into it? Do you have any special fx secrets you can share?

Jade: well, I first started with body painting when I was younger and wanted to get tattoos all over my body… hence I started drawing tattoos on in pen and then opted for a less permanent option and started playing with body painting. As for the more gory stuff I do, that was me drawing from my secret infatuation with old horror films like The Wizard Of Gore mixed with my love of sci-fi films like Blade Runner and A Trip To The Moon.

Wild Swan: If you were stranded on a tour bus in the middle of nowhere and could only have two beauty products on board, what would they be? 

Jade: I think the first would be this coconut argan oil, because I don’t like moisturizers with a lot of chemicals or alcohol in them, I like to keep it natural so argan oil is perfect for me. Plus it smells like coconut so it doesn’t get better right?… The 2nd would be a toss up between bronzer or hot pink lipstick… 

Wild Swan: What’s one current fashion trend you can’t live with and one you can’t live without?

Jade: one thing I love is a classic highlighted to the gods kind of thing like #Blinding. So strobing I would say is what I couldn’t live without. A trend that I can’t seem to get with though is glitter roots… I just can’t feel it – to me it looks like dandruff no matter who wears it or what color hair you have… I just don’t like it. 

Wild Swan: If you could steal one celebs style who would it be and why?
Jade: Miley Cyrus Bangerz phase or Michael Jackson.  

Wild Swan: In 2 sentences how was it growing up in the entertainment business from a fashion and musical standpoint? 

Jade: I think from a fashion standpoint we got a great advantage because people the around us were very unique wether a musician wearing a purple velvet vest, a roadie wearing chains and a Aerosmith t shirt, or the women in the crowd wearing gypsy rock inspired outfits, we learned that you didn’t have to dress like everyone else. Seeing as much of the music/ music business as we have, you learn that everyone who plays music for a living must really love playing music and sharing it with the world, because nobody is in the music business because they love the music business.

Wild Swan: If you could walk in one fashion show who’s would it be?

Jade: well, my long time dream was to walk in the Victorias Secret fashion show with my sister Aja… plus come on pink haired sisters for a VS Pink… 

Wild Swan: What’s your one go to beauty look?

Jade: I say when in doubt, black glitter smokey eye, and of course I love a bold lip… I’m a sucker for hot pink… also I think a big smile always looks nice.

Wild Swan: What’s the secret to looking like a flawless Barbie doll complete with on fleek liner and how did you come up with the concept? 

Jade: I always say if you want flawless skin: drink your water and use your Argan oil… good skin starts on the inside. The trick to cracking the cat eye is practice. My first cat eye was far from #OnFleek.

The concept for The Alexandras was actually from hearing about the abandoned Prada store in Marfa TX… I just imagined going there and seeing all these broken mannequins with pink hair, wearing ripped Prada clothes…something about the thought of how mannequins have that sad expression, but they’re always dressed up and posed reminded me of myself. 

Wild Swan: What your favorite lyric from one of your songs? 

Jade: Hello little barbie doll take me to nirvana, fine champagne, birthday cake, and dreams.

best friends Dolce, Louis, and Prada. 

Hot and Sweet like syrup in your sheets. 

(From the song; Like Syrup)


Beauty Q&A with Kayla Hagey 

I first discovered YouTube Makeup artist, Kayla Hagey when I was searching for a review of a particular palette that I had been considering ordering, which wasn’t available in stores near me. I wanted to be able to see it in action. The look Kayla did with this particular palette was so stunning and unique. I instantly ordered the palette that I had been going back and forth on for weeks!

Kayla has over 90k YouTube subscribers and over 50k Instagram followers. Talk about a massive following! She has done almost 300 YouTube tutorials and reviews showcasing her amazing work. One of my favorite things about her makeup is that she makes even the boldest looks look pretty. 

Kayla quickly made her way into my list of top 5 favorite beauty vlogger/Instagram mua’s and I’m so excited that she was kind enough to be my beauty Q&A guest this week! 

Wild Swan: What is your beauty background like? Are you a self taught or certified MUA or aesthetician? 

A: I’m self taught – but I learned pretty much everything I know by watching YouTube tutorials! 

Wild Swan: I love that you add lots of pops of color to your online makeup looks, but always keep it looking pretty and wearable, or at least not too crazy. What’s the secret to creating a fun, yet wearable look? 

A: I think the secret to creating a ‘wearable’ colorful look is to just start out with a little bit of color if you’re not used to it. The more comfortable you get with wearing color, the more you can start to incorporate it into your looks, and soon it just starts to feel normal or wearable! But I will say when I want to avoid it looking too crazy or out-there, I’ll just focus the majority of the color on my eyes and keep my lips a neutral color. 

Wild Swan: What are your favorite eyeshadow primers and what are some of your favorite eyeshadow palettes? 

A: I’m actually super lazy when it comes to eyeshadow primer so I just use concealer! I feel like concealer does the trick really well. My favorite eyeshadow palettes change pretty often, but as of right now I really love the NYX Ultimate Brights palette, the SugarPill pro palette, and the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance. 

Wild Swan: How important are the makeup brushes we use? In your opinion, what are some of the best ones?

A: I didn’t realize it until a couple of years ago, but I think the makeup brushes we use are really important! When I started using better-quality makeup brushes I found that I got a LOT better at blending and my confidence increased in my abilities. Not that there’s anything wrong with cheaper brushes – I think there are definitely some out there that can do the job just as well – but I think if you’ve been practicing and practicing and not noticing much improvement, you may want to invest in some better brushes (especially for the eyes). My favorites are from Smith Cosmetics, specifically the 230, 232, 235, 247, 253, & 256. Those are my must-have eye brushes.

Wild Swan: What are your current beauty product/cosmetic obsessions?

A: I’ve currently been really into light-weight foundations (this hot weather in SoCal makes it feel like my face is melting off if I’m wearing too much heavy makeup). I really like to mix a bit of moisturizer or the KVD primer with my Tarte Rainforest of the Sea foundation to sheer it out a bit. And I’ve also recently jumped on the Tarte Shape Tape train – I love it for undereye circles. I love this foundation + concealer combo and wear it pretty much every day. 

Wild Swan: What’s one current beauty trend you can’t live without and one you couldn’t live with? 

A: [without] Hmmm, probably glowy skin! I feel weird if I forget to put on some liquid or powder highlight. And as far as one I couldn’t live with…probably using random (and slightly dangerous) household objects to contour your face. I know it’s just for Instagram, but c’mon!

Wild Swan: What are some of your all-time favorite “go to” products?

A: Tarte Rainforest of the Sea foundation, Shape Tape concealer, Kat Von D Trooper liner, any style of House of Lashes, Makeup Geek eyeshadows, & Ofra Cosmetics liquid lipsticks!

Wild Swan: How long did it take you to build a dedicated following, and what advice do you have for aspiring makeup artists who may want to get into YouTube, Instagram, etc? 

A: I’ve been making YouTube videos for 3-4 years now. I think my best advice is to get a decent camera (even some iPhones take great photos) and make sure you have good lighting, whether it’s a fairly cheap ring light from Amazon or natural lighting in front of a window. As far as content, just be yourself and try not to do something just because other people are doing it. Find a niche if you can that sets yourself apart from others. Consistency is key, too – try to upload a video or photo at least once a week! Your audience will grow as long as you keep posting. 

Wild Swan: What are your favorite cosmetics brands, high end to drugstore and everything in between? 
A: I’d say my favorite drugstore brand is probably NYX – they have such a wide range of products and I like almost everything I’ve tried. My favorite higher end brand is definitely Kat Von D for the same reason! 

Wild Swan: What is your skin care routine like? What really removes all the crazy makeup? What products do you love and what is your skin type? 

A: My skin care routine is pretty minimal. I just use makeup remover wipes (or sometimes coconut oil if my makeup is being especially stubborn) and then to wash my face I use a bar of African Black Soap. To moisturize I use Sky Organics jojoba oil which I really like – it makes my skin feel super hydrated. I have lots of skin issues (dermatitis, dryness, redness, breakouts, etc.) so I try to use pretty natural skin care products for the most part. 

Wild Swan: What would you say are the most important products to “splurge” on if you could only have a few higher end products? 

A: I’d say skin care first and foremost, especially if you’re having troubles with your skin! But I actually do really like a lot of drugstore products – I think you can find pretty good foundations, concealers, eyeliners, and various other things for pretty cheap. That being said I usually choose to splurge on higher end eyeshadows and liquid lipsticks because I feel like for the most part, I haven’t found any eyeshadows or liquid lips at the drugstore that I like as much. 

Wild Swan: You did a YouTube video on a $6 concealer you found at Walmart by Hard Candy. Is it really as great as you say? How does it compare to your other favorite concealers that may be higher end? I know everyone’s always looking for a great concealer, esp., at $6!!

A: Yes! I still love that concealer, but I don’t wear it as much because it’s super heavy duty and like I said, I’m more into lightweight coverage at the moment. I do think it’s probably a concealer that most people would love but some might hate if they’re more used to thinner consistencies. The coverage is similar to the Shape Tape but it definitely feels a bit heavier. But I would definitely recommend trying it out if you’re looking for a cheap one!

Wild Swan: Something I notice about you in your videos is that your skin appears perfect and porcelain. Any tips on how to achieve a flawless looking foundation or face makeup application? 

A: Oh, thank you! But it’s definitely far from perfect! I think one of the most important steps is to make sure you’ve properly moisturized your face before applying foundation, and make sure you give it at least 5 minutes to set in first. I also love my Beauty Blender & Real Techniques sponge to apply my foundation – I’m not a huge fan of using brushes alone because I feel like most of the time they’ll leave weird streaks or apply too much. I also really like to use the Pixi Beauty Glow Mist to spray over my foundation because I feel like it makes my face feel more hydrated and less cakey. 

Wild Swan: What is your every day makeup look like and if you only had 5 minutes to get ready everyday, what would you do or what products would be most important to you to apply? 

A: Oh man, honestly my every day makeup look is no makeup! At least lately it has been. When I’m just working around home I’m way too lazy to do anything to my face unless I have to go outside and run errands or something. If I only had 5 minutes to get ready every day I would probably have no idea what to do because I usually do a full face of makeup if I have to go out anywhere! But I think I would just apply a little more Shape Tape than usual to conceal everything, bronze up my face with a Marc Jacobs bronzer and also just use that to add some color to my eyes. Then maybe a brow gel and a tiny bit of mascara, some lip balm, and I’d be good to go!
Wild Swan: What are your thoughts on the crazy contour craze? I feel like every where I look these days I see cheekbones that could cut ice and blind you at the same time. What would you say is too much, what’s too little, what’s just right? 

A: I think that it’s definitely become a trend over the last few years especially to get the most chiseled cheekbones possible (and I’m definitely guilty of applying way too much contour in the past). Personally on myself I’ll either cream or powder contour but I’ll hardly ever do both together – that’s when I feel like it can go overboard fast. But I do think that some people rock the heavy contour and some people look amazing with no contour as well, it just depends!

Wild Swan: What are a couple of your personal favorite YouTube looks you’ve posted so far? 

A: I think my favorite recent look I’ve done is this jewel toned makeup ( A subscriber of mine came up with that idea and I thought it turned out pretty good! I don’t use those deep jewel tones too often so it was nice to get a little bit out of my comfort zone.

Wild Swan: How long have you been on YouTube for and how did you decide to start doing these videos and tutorials? 

A: I’ve been on YouTube for almost 4 years, I think. I was in college when I decided to make my channel and I didn’t expect anything to come of it – I just wanted a fun hobby to distract myself from the stress of being a college student. I watched a ton of makeup videos and tutorials and thought it looked fun, so I decided to give it a shot! 

Lastly, my reader question for you comes from Jane. 
She is looking for a great under eye concealer, one that will look good on camera, and she says something with more natural ingredients or less chemicals, would be amazing. 
Wild Swan: I thought perhaps something by Tarte, I know a lot of You-tubers use Tarte Shape Tape for full coverage and Tarte leaves a lot of nasty chemicals out of their products. What do you think Kayla?

A: I bet you can guess what I’m going to say from my other answers! Haha I would definitely recommend Shape Tape! I love that they don’t include those nasty chemicals and I think the product itself is truly amazing and worth the hype.

Wild Swan: Thank you for bringing a little bit more beauty to the internet! It’s so amazing that women of all ages can easily learn about great and new products and how to apply makeup better because of YouTubers/MUA’s like you! 

Kayla: Thank you so much for having me on your blog! YouTube definitely helped me out so much when I was first starting out so I’m happy that I may be able to do the same for other people!


I recently did what turned out to be my favorite eyeshadow look I’ve ever done. 

It was a little crazy, but I went crazy for it!

For this look I used..

  • Tarte’s Make Believe palette 
  • Urban decays’ full spectrum palette
  • Stila Magnificent Metals
  • Too Faced eyeshadow primer 
  • Mac liquid liner
  • Lancôme eye pencil
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills brow pencil
  1. I started with the color Pixie from my Tarte palette on my crease and blended it out. Next I put Crystal on the inner part of my crease.
  2. Next, I used the pink and red shades from my Urban Decay palette on my crease (yes, I mean all of them) 
  3. Next, I applied my primer to my lid and used the white shade from my UD palette over that. 
  4. Next, I used my liquid liner on my lash line just to the ends. 
  5. Then, the Lancôme pencil to trace over my crease and connect to the liquid liner then used it on my waterline.
  6. Then I used the liquid liner to create the lines through the white. I started with two lines and then filled them in.
  7. Then I did my brows with the Anastasia pencil.
  8. Then brushed them with the Stila metals applicator. 
  9. Then I used my favorite YSL mascara on my top and bottom lashes. 
  10. I forgot what I used on my inner corner but any gold or iridescent shade would work great. 

That’s how I created this hypnotizing look. 

🙂 xo