Not Without My Teddies

I just heard via Instagram that Teddies for Betty’s is closing. For those of you who don’t know, Teddies for Betty’s is a higher end lingerie store in Austin, Texas.

Their original location was downtown in the 2nd St. district across from Jos Coffee and they later (more recently) moved to The Domain Northside.

For 9 years this has been the go to place for lingerie and women’s needs. You could pick from a small range of beautiful silicone pleasures, bras, panties, and sleepwear. They stocked everything including luxury brands like La Perla for the chic power woman with a power wallet.

I got my favorite pair of “bunny ears” here, many gifts from my husband, many beautiful and perfectly fitted bras, even a couple pair of $130 underwear.

I’m not going to lie, I always knew my purchases were going to come with a decent dent in my pocketbook, but it never bothered me because not only did they carry my size (34 F-G) which is rare but because they carried gorgeous bras in that size which is hard to find and it made me simply FEEL GOOD. This made me feel like the owner must really care about women’s needs. Women of all walks of life and of all bust sizes, etc.

It’s kind of like an end of an era to hear of their closing and I will be sad having to hop online now to find my Simone Perele and Prima Donna bras, sets, etc.

Teddies for Bettys was sleek, clean and oh so chic. I can’t wait to go in before they close at the end of the month to splurge on some much needed and some not so needed but WANTED items I’ve been eyeing.

Good luck on your future endeavors fellow Betty and thank you for always making me feel sexy “underneath it all”.

Me Time

Some times we lose track of “me time”.

Heck, look how often we lose track of… Time. We often lose track of taking care of ourselves. It may because you have a demanding job, kids to run around after, are busy taking care of everyone else around you, are taking care of a home, or all of the above.

Although we may not even realize it, it can allow our stress to get completely out of control.

I have a two year old and a two month old and between caring for them and taking care of my house, everyday stressors etc. it can be a challenge to find time for myself.

Very recently I decided I needed to come up with a schedule that allows me to have a little time carved out to take a bath, get back into doing a nightly beauty ritual, do yoga, watch a show, or just have time with my thoughts without “the tractor song” in the background, lol!

I have only been doing this for a mere 2 days now, but I feel so much more peaceful and relaxed when I wake up.

Noises seem less loud, coffee tastes better, cleaning feels less like a chore, and I have more energy to read that extra story to my son.

My go to “me time” are baths. I love the ritual that is a bath. The bath salts, soaks, petals, soaps. It just feels good. Not to mention it alleviates some of my upper body pressure from carrying my 2 month old around so much of the day!

This made me think of a plant needing water to grow. We need moments like this to grow spiritually just like we need our kids and the moments that happen in our lives to help us grow as people. To help us grow wiser. To help them grow as people. To help them grow wiser.

So to all the people out there thinking things like “Why do I feel worn out?”

“Why do I feel tension in my shoulders?”

“When am I going to be able to get a good nights sleep?” Try to stop stressing so much and don’t be afraid to take a tiny bit of time to relax! You can’t control every aspect of your life, but you can at least try to control carving out a minute to take a bath or even just have a cup of hot tea.

No one is perfect, I certainly am NOT.

I do want to make it a point to be able to soak up every perfect moment that I can though. Whether it’s my two month olds first laugh, my 2 year old saying silly things, spending time with my family, or relaxing.

I’m attempting to gain a bit of inner lightness and clarity. Whether it’s through something more simple like organization, or something more difficult like facing the things that drag down that lightness, or darken that light.

So, to the single ladies, stop thinking, to yourself “I can’t believe he didn’t call!” And if he does call 2 weeks later tell him. “Sorry, I’m washing my hair.”

To the goddess mamas! Stop thinking, “It’s the dishes or a nap!” It can be both!! Just not at the same time” you can’t do the dishes if you collapse from exhaustion!

To the power house working ladies! Stop thinking, “I just have to finish this spreadsheet (at 10pm)! Put the closed sign on your forehead or your bedroom door!”


Beauty Q&A with Miss Tosh

If you don’t already love the glamorous burlesque performer, Miss Tosh who dazzles audiences while covered in Swarovski crystals, twirls on a carousel unicorn that she literally crafted herself, or because she’s a self styled fashion muse, Perhaps you’ll love her because she fights for a cause close to her heart and is the ultimate modern woman who isn’t afraid to show some skin! 

She has been featured in some of the nations top best-dressed lists and celebrated amongst publications such as Marie Claire, Elle’s Choice awards, New York Times, New York Fashion Decode, and Nylon Magazine, to name some. 

She has hosted fundraisers for organizations that provide transitional housing and support services to homeless lgbtq young adults. Miss Tosh is held in high esteem by The School of The Art Institute of Chicago as a queer artist and a global inspirational figure. She is the Glambassador to the LGBTQ community. 

To me, Miss Tosh is the face of NOW and she was kind enough to agree to do my Beauty Q&A!!

Wild Swan: One may look at you in awe and wonder how you could propel into the spotlight as a fearless burlesque performer and power lesbian (I hope you don’t mind that phrase – I love the term power lesbian), but I imagine there must have been some struggle throughout your life and career. I know from experience that it’s not easy becoming an entertainer and I imagine that there can be struggles and obstacles being gay. Can you give me a little insight? 

A: Living in today’s world is challenging for anyone who identifies as lgbtq+. I have faced my fair share of struggle and obstacles as a lesbian and entertainer. Growing up I didn’t have any lesbian role models and women in the public that I felt I could relate to. As a child, I suppressed who I am because of fear. Once I reached my early adult life and moved away from home, I was living alone with my self. It was a struggle, but I found that being unique is beautiful. We are all deserving of love and our dreams. There was always push back in my childhood, in college, in relationships, and in the entertainment industry. I never fit the mold, but I decided I was going to do it my way. So I became my own super hero and a reflection of what I want to see more of in the world. I finally felt like me and made a promise to be the most vibrant, brightest, sparkliest, unicorn I could possibly be!   

Wild Swan: To you, what makes a human truly sparkle? 

A: What truly makes someone sparkle and shine is love and kindness. Showing others loving kindness is the best way to sparkle from within. Staying true to your self and having tolerance and compassion for those who are different from ourselves. 

Wild Swan: How did you discover Burlesque, what made you want to be a burlesque performer, and how did you start? Was there anyone who particularly inspired or encouraged you? 

A: I first fell in love with the idea of burlesque when I saw images of Josephine Baker. I was in dance school and Debbie Allen was teaching us about Josephine and how she was a pioneer and achieved her dreams against all odds. It was the first time I saw a woman truly celebrated for her skill and sensuality. She was the rabbit that led me to wonderland where I discovered American Burlesque. I was inspired, fascinated, titilated and thrilled! I had so many fantasies about what these performances must have been like, that I began dreaming up my own. 

When I was 18 I injured my self and surrendered my dream of being a professional dancer in a company. I was also very passionate about art and painting and applied for art university. I went to The School of the Art Institute of Chicago on scholarship. The best thing that could have ever happened to me at this point in my life. When I felt like my dream of being a dancer had vanished, I found a new path. I was accepted into the fashion department where I discovered a new talent for design. My passion for painting, movement, sculpture, art and math all found a home in fashion. 

I still hadn’t come out to my family, and felt like I could truly express my self until I discovered an amazing night life scene in Chicago. The Drag queens saw me for who I am and pulled me right in. When my dear friend asked me to perform with all the queens at one of Chicago’s notorious queer clubs I said “Yes!” Plus you should never turn down a Queen. Later on, I became the Artistic Director of a show called “LQQKS” where we had many of the now drag superstars make their debut. It was a wild time where we all had the freedom to do the craziest things on stage and people would line up down the block in the snow to get a peak. This is where I developed my iconic “Peeling” act. It was the queer community and audience that encouraged me to go for it. And Ive been on this amazing journey ever since. 

Wild Swan: Do you feel like you are always developing and changing your image or are you past that at this point in your career? Who or what inspired your look? 

I’m definitely getting some Marilyn vibes!

A: I alway feel like I am in transition and evolving. I embrace opportunities for change. I love experimenting with my look and collaborating with other artists. The first time I dyed my hair I went for a fearless hot pink! It was so fun and changed the way I felt about my hair forever. I have always been obsessed with the art of transformation and creating glamour. I do however have a signature look that acts as my foundation to build from. My signature platinum hair and red lipstick is always my go to because I love a strong, graphic, and classic look. Hair for me is like sculpture and I am always aiming to make the waves and shape so dramatic that it feels like the hairdos of my favorite cartoons.

For beauty and hair I am inspired by starlets of the past like Jayne Mansfield, Jean Harlow, Marilyn Monroe, Betty Grable. I am also very inspired by the badass looks in pulp comics and hairdos of Tex Avery cartoons. Style inspirations for me are classic eccentrics like Marlene Dietrich and Issabella Blow. I adore the swag, vibe and wit of Missy Elliot, Mae West and Maya Angelou. 

Wild Swan: What are some beauty products or cosmetic brands that you can’t live without? Do you have any to die for beauty secrets? 

A: I am by no means extravagant when it comes to beauty products. The looks I create are absolutely attainable and do not require fancy brand name products. I create my looks with mostly drugstore products. I dye my own hair with bleach from sally’s beauty supply and use the basic purple shampoos. I love wet&wild liquid eyeliners for creating my eye shape and bobby brown gel eyeliner with the thin brush. I love vivid colors with high pigments not for the faint of heart. I am a red lipstick connoisseur always hunting for the perfect blue reds. I love Russian red and ruby woo from mac and the Sephora brand red. I also love the Kat Von D long last red liquid lipstick. I like to line my lips with a darker shade of red or even magenta to make my lips look three dimensional. I absolutely cannot live without coconut oil! The jumbo tub from the grocery store. I use it fore everything as makeup remover, lotion, hair treatments, cleaning my brushes. Its the best ! For long, healthy, platinum hair only heat style for stage or special outings. Wet set for longer lasting hair looks. Treat your hair with coconut oil once a week and keep it in all day. These are the days I wear hair wraps or turbans. For skin care use Cerave’ products because they are unscented and super gentle. I just started to use a retinol cream from Paula’s Choice and Im really liking the effects. I wear sunscreen regularly, even at night when I go out.

Best beauty secrets: Beauty comes from the inside, literally! A big part of my beauty ritual is how I take care of my body. Every day I take my vitamins and start my day with a green smoothy or acai bowl. For vitamins I take a dissolving capsule of b12 which saves me when I have jet lag! I also take multi vitamin, calcium, d3. Always consult your doctor before taking supplements, because what works for me might not work for you!

Wild Swan: I’m blown away by the fact that you basically fully design and produce your own shows top to bottom! Talk about a one woman show. Is that hard? Where do you find inspiration? Also, please tell me all about building or creating your famous carousel unicorn! Literally, I’m in awe. 

A: Thank you! I design everything in my performances from lighting, to music, choreography. I engineer and build all of my props while I design, pattern, sew and embellish my costumes. I do all my own beauty from nails, hair and makeup. My carousel unicorn prop began as a fantasy five years ago. I had the vision in mind and it took a few years of planning, saving, and researching to engineer what you see today. The first few prototypes I performed on were not solid and probably pretty dangerous to be swinging around on. But through trial and error I came to the design you see today. After a lot of sanding, painting and pounds of glitter, Nayonce’ was born. A lot of people will ask if there is power that makes her spin but she moves with my momentum which take a lot of acrobatic strength for her and I to twirl so smoothly. 
I also run my own production design company, N.E.Thing Goes with my partner. I am always working on multiple projects at once, but I really love what I do so much. I am naturally very ambitious and fueled by passion. I will wake up in the middle of the night from a dream I had about a new idea and begin sewing or drawing it immediately. I get very excited about creating that when an idea comes, it pours out onto paper. My productions are so elaborate now that I have the privilege of working and hiring amazing artist, creatives and production individuals to be a part of my team. 

Wild Swan: Tell me about yourself as a designer! I know you design your own costumes, which are stunning, and occasionally release clothing you’ve designed. Do you have a favorite piece? Where did you learn design? 

A: I am a fashion designer and pattern maker by trade. I studied at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. I created some fun collections while in school. My favorite is my sound and motion sensitive dress I made my first year. My favorite burlesque costume has to be my Stardust costume that pairs with the unicorn. It is so decadent and fully encrusted in Swarovski crystal. I have been working on new costumes and props for the past year that I am really excited to debut!

Wild Swan: How long does it take to embellish an entire corset? Do you think you’ll ever release a crazy lingerie line, or have you? 

I would go crazy for that! 

A: The Stardust costume took six months to complete and that is from concept to conception. I hand set every large stone into their setting and individually apply every crystal. Its very labor intensive. Since debuting the Unicorn act, I have had interest from students to intern and am considering offering an apprenticeship. 
I have also been working on a few collections that I have kept secret for some time now. I have been working on a ready-to-wear clothing line and lingerie collection with a very exciting twist! I am aiming to release pre-sales before the holiday season. 

Wild Swan: Do you have an exercise regimen or any particular type of diet you live by? What’s your secret to maintaining that perfect pin up/burlesque type figure?

A: The unicorn keeps my in pretty good shape. Lifting her steel base and practicing on her is a great workout. I am always building, lifting and working in my studio which keeps me very strong. My costumes are very heavy and weigh about 40 pounds when I am fully dressed. I stretch and practice yoga at home and love to do things that keep me active, but don’t feel like working out. I like to go on hikes in nature, go roller skating at the roller rink, and ballet class. I would really like to take up horse-back riding. My work is so active and labor intensive that I don’t do much else. 

I think the key to looking good is feeling good. Eating things that make you feel great. I like to start my day with a fresh juice or green smoothie. I take my vitamins and eat a clean diet fruits vegetables, and grains. I don’t count calories or limit my self to what I indulge it. It is all in moderation and keeping a balanced diet. 

Wild Swan: Are there any particular Fashion Designers or clothing brands that you absolutely adore?

A: I am an avid collector of vintage clothing and love shopping for treasures. My go to vintage haul is the Rose Bowl Market in LA. I love vintage designers like Lili Anne and Cecil Chapman. Its also important to me to support small businesses and independent designers rather than large commercial companies. My favorite lounge wear company is Department of Curiosities. They make the absolute best silk dressing gowns and beach pajamas. Every thing is made in house at their atelier in Chicago. I usually wear there garments backstage before a show or out for a sexy casual look. I am really excited about my new clothing collection because I was able to make the fashion staples I wish I had but can never find. Things that are comfortable, exciting and statement pieces. 

Wild Swan: If you could travel back in time and be at one burlesque performance in history, who’s or what would it be? 

A: I would have loved to have seen Sally Rand perform the first feather fan dance at the 1933 World’s Fair. She created the act out of necessity. She couldn’t complete her costume for the act she planned on performing so she made a fair of white ostrich fans and showed up in the afternoon performing in the nude with the giant feather fans. Talk about scandalous! I always believe our most creative moments come from fewer means, problem solving, and play.  

Wild Swan: How do you stay looking so flawless and glamorous between shows, travel, design? 

A: Travel and touring glamour is an art of its own. I keep as organized as possible and have glamour travel uniform that is easy and chic. Traveling by plane or arriving to a show my hair is in a relaxed updo, powdered face, sunglasses, and red lipstick of course. 

If I am traveling by plane I love to wear a fitted jumpsuit, long jersey dresses and ballet flats. A beautiful coat or trench always sets the tone of a glamorous jetset look. I pack smart and keep my immediate needs in a large handbag. My change of clothes, a pair of stilettos and other things I will need when I land are in my carryon bag. The trick to always looking your best on a long flight is planning ahead. When I land I go to the restroom to change, reapply my makeup, and touch up my hair.  
The show starts the moment you arrive! Making an entrance is the start of the performance and I never want to provide the full fantasy. Keeping integrity in your aesthetic doesn’t have to be high maintenance.When I arrive to a show I always wear a wrap dress because it is easy to remove and I can wear it while I get ready. No need to pull anything over my head and ruin my hair or makeup. I keep my every day products at home and always have a packed travel bag of all my showgirl essentials. That way if I need to travel last minute I am already packed. When I am not wearing my costume it goes back in its trunk and all my props break down into neat containers and crates for easy travel. Effortless glamour is achieved by being well prepared and paying attention to the little things that will make your job run smoothly. Working in showbiz I always leave room for mistakes and accidents. So I give myself and my team ample time when we arrive to a venue. This way I have time to enjoy my backstage rituals and a glass of champagne. 

Wild Swan: Do you have a background in dance or choreography?

A: I am trained dancer and spent 14 years studying ballet and other techniques in dance academy. I had the privilege to study under Debbie Allen and her amazing dance mentors. I auditioned for her academy and received a scholarship. I would take the public bus every day after school and on the weekend to dance. It was a rigorous education where we would train 48 hours a week! I remember finishing home work in-between dance classes or at lunch at public school so that I could focus on dance. I learned 13 styles of dance from around the world. My favorites were flamenco, dunham, african, modern, swing, and ballet of course. It was a wonderful dance education that kept me focused and disciplined. It is amazing how all my training has filtered over into all aspects of my life. 

Wild Swan: Do you do your own hair styling? If so, how do you achieve such a perfect, retro, bouncy, curl? Does it take forever?

A: I do all my own hair styling for stage and every day. Being a dancer we would have to do all our own hair and makeup for stage. I think of hair like sculpture and have been practicing that retro hairdo for most of my life. As a little girl I would sponge roll my hair and try to mimic the different hair looks I saw in cartoons. I am completely self taught, before there were any youtube tutorials to follow. I definitely had many bad hair days in high school trying to figure out retro hair sculpting. Practice makes perfect!

Wild Swan: How do you achieve the perfect retro winged liner?

A: The first thing about eyeliner is to think of them as sisters not twins. Your eyeliner should look alike, but don’t burden your self with making them identical. I like to look down into a hand mirror which makes a world of difference. I will alter the placement and size of my wing depending on how much drama I’m calling for. 

Wild Swan: Tell me a little about the work you do within the LGBTQ community. I know you are very involved in helping homeless LGBTQ teens, which is so admirable and so beautiful. 

A: Supporting the LGBTQ+ community is very important to me, because it is my community. I remember as a kid I didn’t have many role models that I could relate to and I never felt a sense of community. So I tried to become my own super hero and hope to be a positive example for young people. I really feel like love and hope is needed more than ever! There are great organizations and community centers for the lgbtq+ but still so much more work to be done. In the past I have held fundraisers to create halfway housing for displaced and homeless lgbtq+ youth. I have worked with the human rights campaign and events like Turn Up For Change. My partner and I are working together on a campaign called “Love & B Loved” to encourage positivity, and love within our global community. All proceeds from shirts sold go to support the Trevor project, an organization that offers support to distressed and suicidal lgtbq+ youth. We are working with youth on an upcoming mural and fashion projects that we hope with inspire youth and build a stronger sense of community. 

Wild Swan: Thank you so much for talking with me! Is there any advice you’d like to leave my readers with or anything you’d like to add? 

A: Thank you so much for the thoughtful interview. I really enjoyed speaking with you too. If I can leave you with anything today it is to be kind, be bold, take risks, never take yourself too seriously – and most importantly have fun through all your trials and triumphs!

I want Halloween Kandee!! Too faced I want Kandee review and fall look! 

I knew I needed to get my hands on a few pieces from the yummy I want Kandee Too Faced collection ever since I first saw about it through Kandee Johnsons Instagram and I finally made a trip to Ulta yesterday to splurge! 

I was disappointed when I arrived at my local Ulta store to see no display for the collection (I was shocked since this is a huge exclusive to Ulta) and not only was there no I want Kandee display, but the products weren’t even out in the Too Faced section of the store. Maybe they were running low since this is limited edition? Maybe there were issues with theft? Maybe the limited addition run is nearing its end?

 I’m not sure.. 

I asked the sales associate if they had anything from the collection, since I called weeks prior and they said they had some and they got a few testers for me out of the back. 

I decided to buy the eyeshadow palette and banana powder-the two things I was most excited about. Upon swatching in the store, I thought the colors were super blend able, really nice texture, good pigmentation, lots of shimmer to the shimmery shades, and the smell is awesome, not overpowering at all, super sweet, kind of like sugar cookies or sprinkles! 

Also, there are some really really nice subtle shades. This palette is quite versatile. 

These products seem a little pricey. I think the palette is just shy of $50 and the banana powder is around $30 and of course these products are excluded from Ulta coupons (which is not unusual), but darn it, I really wanted to use my 20% off coupon! 

The packaging is so, so cute.

Really nice, heavy, and detailed and I love the thought of the eyeshadow palettes box being modeled after a box of truffles, having the truffle pictures on the back with the cute names of the different shades, like pastry and hot chocolate is a great touch.

The whipped cream highlighter in this eye shadow palette is also stunning. So stunning that the only downside is that there isn’t more! I wish it were a permanent Too Faced highlighter! I can tell that I’ll be using it a lot. 

The perfect creamy sheen. 

It completed my nose contour and made every thing pop! I love that the highlighter doesn’t pick up any weird colors. Just a moonlit, whipped cream glow! 

I’ve seen many videos of people trying out the I want Kandee palette and they all say there seems to be three different kind of looks in the palette. To me when looking at this palette though I really saw six different looks or sections with the possibility of using other colors from the palette for shading etc. 

For my first look with this palette I was inspired by the fall season! 

I call my look “I WANT HALLOWEEN KANDEE”! I only used colors from the palette to create this look and used the Too Faced shadow insurance primer! 

I was originally going to call my look pumpkin spice latte but my husband told me that that was too basic and boring… 

I want Halloween Kandee IS much better.. 

The banana powder was also great! 

So great in fact that I wasn’t planning on reviewing it and decided to after using it. 

I had read very mixed reviews online and was surprised. I have been searching for a great banana powder for some time mostly to do my nose contour! Well, this is it! 

It also reduced the appearance of my under eye bags and acne on my chin. It also blended right in like magic. I used it to set my cheekbones as well. There is a faint faint banana cream smell to the color correcting powder.

Overall, after first use, I’m quite impressed with what I purchased from the I Want Kandee collection! 🙂 It’s so fun, so cute! 

Well done products. 

THANKS for this fun collection Kandee and Too Faced!! Every girl wants to get pretty AND smell like candy! 😘 🍭 

Beauty Confession

Forgive me blogosphere, for it’s been a while since my last beauty confession. 

Truth is, beauty blogging started as a fun creative outlet for me. A little easy escape from every day life, an excuse to try new products and share my thoughts, a way to connect with others, try new looks, and get better at something I enjoy. I’ve always loved makeup!

Lately though, I’ve found myself too “down in the dumps” to blog. 

Raging hurricanes, people losing their homes and possessions, the fact that people are homeless, the fact that there are children not just in the world but here in America who have no food, children who have no parents, parents who have no children, there are parents who can’t buy food for their families, let alone makeup, rioting, attacks, and the list goes on. 

On top of those serious issues and disasters going on in the world, there are issues within my own family regarding my parents, etc that I worry about, my amount of worry regarding that is so immense, it’s making my heart ache so deep and it makes my blogging not only harder to get to but also it makes it feel so seemingly small and meaningless. 

It’s heartbreaking, and it’s reality and it doesn’t seem like the time to blog about vain and luxurious things, even if they are meant to be light hearted and fun and helpful. 

I also don’t want my blogging to become a chore because it’s suppose to be about fun and creativeness and art. Sweet and fluffy like cotton candy. 

Part of me understands that people like makeup, and fun photos, and they like a fun little escape from everyday life, and it’s fun to share my thoughts with the world so I try to pick myself up and move forward, try a new look, post a pic, write something, interact. 

The other part of me though lately feels like a clown dancing on a narrow tightrope. Painted face, there’s nothing deep to say about Tarte or Mac or YSL. So, I decided to write this and apologize for being a little slow with my blogging. 

I’m not dissing people who are continuing blogging and videoing in the midst of what’s going on in the world and for a lot of people it’s how they make a living and they must go on. I’m just saying it’s hard for me to do so in the midst of this. I applaud all of the wonderful MUA’s, MUE’S, BLOGGERS, & VLOGGERS. It is a great community of talented and kind people. 

I’m saying a prayer for anyone out there going through a rough time and I’m giving my son, Joey an extra tight hug right now. He is the biggest bright spot on the cloudiest of days. I’m so thankful for him. 

Stay tuned. 

Maybe in the midst of re-touched photos, glam hair and makeup, and $100 palettes the beauty world could use a little dose of real interspersed. 
What you wear on your face is fun and can help your confidence etc but it doesn’t define you. It’s not what makes you who you are! 

First Instagram Collab

I recently hosted my first Instagram collab! 

Our theme was “otherworldly”.. As in other worldly creatures.

I was a mermaid and both of the other makeup artists in the collab chose to be villains! 
I had so much fun doing this collab and really love the Instagram makeup community. Hope you like our looks!
Check out the fabulous and ultra talented Jade and Julie on Instagram! 

@therealslimjadee_ & @julie_odsgaard

Julie was inspired by Cruella Deville! Such a great take. 

Oh my stars!! NARS!

My obsession with NARS highlighter is real! They are so creamy, so pigmented, so lustrous! I started out using the cream illuminator in Copacabana and let me tell you, it is the perfect, Strobe-worthy highlighter, if you have a light skin tone. 

I swore by Copacabana for forever and then one day while shopping at Sephora I came across New Order, a crazy pink highlighter with blue undertones and flecks of gold. I had to have it. Literally, I gasped upon the tester swatch. Unfortunately, due to error I walked out of Sephora with NARS Albatross shade instead and before returning It I decided to give it a swatch (even though at a glance it looked like every other highlighter to me.) 

Well, it wasn’t!! It was this gorgeous, creamy highlighter, with golden orange, champagne iridescence. Intense!! I could see it working on many, many skin tones.

Other similar toned highlighter I have are lackluster compared to Albatross so, I decided to keep it and also order New Order which I also love as kind of a blush contour more than a true highlighter. It highlights but doesn’t Strobe. It’s so much fun. Especially with a pop of color on the eyes. It’s also strangely great on the forehead. 

The packaging on the powder highlighter is nice and sleek, as well. Easy for travel, etc. They retail for $30.00 and are available at Sephora and NARS, to name a couple. 

So, go out and try a “NARS highlighting blush” or illuminator! I get so many compliments. I swear, they won’t disappoint. 

Everlasting Liquid Lipstick *review*

I made a mini Sephora haul yesterday and will be reviewing some of the products I picked up. I’m already so in love with some of them. Well, maybe all of them, actually. 

The first product I’ll be reviewing is a liquid lipstick I picked up by Kat Von D beauty in the shade “underage red”. I usually use ABH when it comes to liquid lipstick but this one by KVD popped out at me and I love some of her other products, so I decided to try. 

First off, it looked amazing and glided on perfectly. It’s a little stickier than ABH and has a much different consistency. Kind of oily or glossy going on. I believe that helped in creating less dryness though!

I wore this for the first time to an outdoor event. 99 degree weather and lots of drinks. I got home 5 hours later and it was still on and there was NO CRUMBLE, drying, or cracking!! I couldn’t believe it. It didn’t feel cakey at all. I’m Amazed!

It doesn’t have quite as much staying power as ABH, but it didn’t dry my lips out as much either. 

One thing I will say could be both a pro and a con is that it was pretty hard to get off at the end of the night. I looked like a clown after attempting to wash it off with water, it smeared everywhere, but my favorite lip scrub and some water on a wash cloth took it right off. It’s interesting though because it seems and feels like a pretty light liquid lipstick. 

One con: I did notice a little bit of wear on my lower lip at the end of the night. 

The shade I tried reminded me a bit of Mac’s famous, Ruby Woo. 

Underage Red is the perfect, classic, red shade. Doesn’t lean orange, does any lean pink. Super romantic. 

Overall, I’m impressed once again with Kat Von D’s products.

The packaging is sexy and romantic.

The products have fun, kitschy names.

The colors pop. 

Kat Von D’s Everlasting liquid lipstick retails for $20. 

You can find it in store or online at Sephora or on the Kat Von D beauty website. 

Treat your lips to this Lush treat! 

Lush chocolate lip scrub pictured with Telluride Truffle chapstick! Chocolate explosion. I love to follow with Burt’s bees mint chapstick for a refreshing chill, as well.

So, recently I purchased a bunch of easter products from Lush for a friend. I’ve never jumped on the Lush train myself, so while ordering I decided to grab a chocolate lip scrub to try. I’m now obsessed with this product! 

If you are addicted to liquid lipsticks like me, you must invest in a great lip scrub. It just gets all the dried up, excess liquid lipstick off at the end of the day and repairs your lips to their rightful, youthful sheen. I always follow with a good chapstick though, because it can dry your lips out a bit.

This product leaves your lips tasting great and feeling exfoliated and soft. Traces of tangerine oil underneath the chocolatey smell and taste make you feel like you just ate a tart! Just be sure not to scrub too hard, ouch!

Lush Is a very natural brand and this particular product is made with sugar, cocoa, different natural oils, etc. Their service was great and my package arrived so quickly. 

I use this almost every night and always after liquid lipstick has dried out and caked onto my lips. 

This product is vegan and retails for $9.95. 

There are lots of other fun scents/flavors to try as well, like popcorn, bubblegum and mint julep!

Treat your lips to this Lush treat! 

Beauty Q&A with Jade Alexandra

Child model turned mannequin, Jade Alexandra is an alluring force.

An angelic voice paired with young, edgy lyrics and a face that look as if she has a permanent snapchat filter on it makes for something as bright as Jades pink hair and strobed cheeks. 
Jade is a talented songstress, model, and makeup artist and makes a statement everywhere she goes.

I don’t just love Jade because she’s my sister, but because she is complex and fierce. That’s why I decided I needed to ask her all about her beauty regime, etc. 
Wild Swan: Jade, you are talented special fx makeup artist and one of my makeup muses. How did you get into it? Do you have any special fx secrets you can share?

Jade: well, I first started with body painting when I was younger and wanted to get tattoos all over my body… hence I started drawing tattoos on in pen and then opted for a less permanent option and started playing with body painting. As for the more gory stuff I do, that was me drawing from my secret infatuation with old horror films like The Wizard Of Gore mixed with my love of sci-fi films like Blade Runner and A Trip To The Moon.

Wild Swan: If you were stranded on a tour bus in the middle of nowhere and could only have two beauty products on board, what would they be? 

Jade: I think the first would be this coconut argan oil, because I don’t like moisturizers with a lot of chemicals or alcohol in them, I like to keep it natural so argan oil is perfect for me. Plus it smells like coconut so it doesn’t get better right?… The 2nd would be a toss up between bronzer or hot pink lipstick… 

Wild Swan: What’s one current fashion trend you can’t live with and one you can’t live without?

Jade: one thing I love is a classic highlighted to the gods kind of thing like #Blinding. So strobing I would say is what I couldn’t live without. A trend that I can’t seem to get with though is glitter roots… I just can’t feel it – to me it looks like dandruff no matter who wears it or what color hair you have… I just don’t like it. 

Wild Swan: If you could steal one celebs style who would it be and why?
Jade: Miley Cyrus Bangerz phase or Michael Jackson.  

Wild Swan: In 2 sentences how was it growing up in the entertainment business from a fashion and musical standpoint? 

Jade: I think from a fashion standpoint we got a great advantage because people the around us were very unique wether a musician wearing a purple velvet vest, a roadie wearing chains and a Aerosmith t shirt, or the women in the crowd wearing gypsy rock inspired outfits, we learned that you didn’t have to dress like everyone else. Seeing as much of the music/ music business as we have, you learn that everyone who plays music for a living must really love playing music and sharing it with the world, because nobody is in the music business because they love the music business.

Wild Swan: If you could walk in one fashion show who’s would it be?

Jade: well, my long time dream was to walk in the Victorias Secret fashion show with my sister Aja… plus come on pink haired sisters for a VS Pink… 

Wild Swan: What’s your one go to beauty look?

Jade: I say when in doubt, black glitter smokey eye, and of course I love a bold lip… I’m a sucker for hot pink… also I think a big smile always looks nice.

Wild Swan: What’s the secret to looking like a flawless Barbie doll complete with on fleek liner and how did you come up with the concept? 

Jade: I always say if you want flawless skin: drink your water and use your Argan oil… good skin starts on the inside. The trick to cracking the cat eye is practice. My first cat eye was far from #OnFleek.

The concept for The Alexandras was actually from hearing about the abandoned Prada store in Marfa TX… I just imagined going there and seeing all these broken mannequins with pink hair, wearing ripped Prada clothes…something about the thought of how mannequins have that sad expression, but they’re always dressed up and posed reminded me of myself. 

Wild Swan: What your favorite lyric from one of your songs? 

Jade: Hello little barbie doll take me to nirvana, fine champagne, birthday cake, and dreams.

best friends Dolce, Louis, and Prada. 

Hot and Sweet like syrup in your sheets. 

(From the song; Like Syrup)