First Instagram Collab

I recently hosted my first Instagram collab! 

Our theme was “otherworldly”.. As in other worldly creatures.

I was a mermaid and both of the other makeup artists in the collab chose to be villains! 
I had so much fun doing this collab and really love the Instagram makeup community. Hope you like our looks!
Check out the fabulous and ultra talented Jade and Julie on Instagram! 

@therealslimjadee_ & @julie_odsgaard

Julie was inspired by Cruella Deville! Such a great take. 

Tarte Make Believe Review And Look w/ video

After seeing about the Tarte “Make Believe In Yourself” palette virtually everywhere lately, I decided I needed to try it out, and let me tell you, from the first swatch I was awed. This is quite possibly the prettiest palette I’ve ever seen. Did I mention it smells like a vanilla paradise? Yum. 
Seriously, I’ve never used Tarte before and I wasn’t expecting this palette to be so cute!
One thing that I think Is really cool about it and a big reason I jumped into buying it is because, although they have some shimmery fairy tale colors (which are magical) they also have some neutral everyday colors and lighter airy shades as well as one gorgeous highlighter, so you should get good use out of it being able to use it for many different looks. There are 10 shades not including the highlighter in the center of the palette, which is cute and small enough to easily travel with. I will say, It’s actually a bit smaller than I was expecting. 
Whether you want to feel like a unicorn, ice queen, princess, copper goddess, add a little spunk to a simple look in practically any color family, or you love the shimmer shadows (like I do), then this palette is for you. 
Very pigmented and unique, iridescent and shimmery, great consistency and depth, some are more metallic or foil like than others, some more pearlescent. 
Tarte really did a great job on this. 
The only thing I didn’t love about this palette was the chalkiness of the highlighter but the color is beautiful and I would still use it here and there or maybe over a cream illuminator or on brow arches. 
Another cool thing that as you may know if you are a Tarte fan, is that according to the people at Tarte, all of their products are cruelty free and formulated without parabens, mineral oils, phthalates, sodium lauryl sulfate, triclosan, synthetic fragrances and gluten. 
I keep seeing people online doing unicorn princess type makeup looks with this, which I understand is totally in, but I had a fun and random idea! For my first look with this I wanted to do a modern take on “The Evil Queen” from Snow White. 
The purples in this palette are stunning after all! They would make that vain evil queen green with envy! I even added a little green to my inner corners to really channel the queen, lol. 
I absolutely love the purple pearlescent color “Crystal”. 
Now, Make believe, anyone? 

Check it out! 

I hope you like it as much as I do. 

Also, check out the video below to see what colors I used to achieve this look.