Beauty Confession

Forgive me blogosphere, for it’s been a while since my last beauty confession. 

Truth is, beauty blogging started as a fun creative outlet for me. A little easy escape from every day life, an excuse to try new products and share my thoughts, a way to connect with others, try new looks, and get better at something I enjoy. I’ve always loved makeup!

Lately though, I’ve found myself too “down in the dumps” to blog. 

Raging hurricanes, people losing their homes and possessions, the fact that people are homeless, the fact that there are children not just in the world but here in America who have no food, children who have no parents, parents who have no children, there are parents who can’t buy food for their families, let alone makeup, rioting, attacks, and the list goes on. 

On top of those serious issues and disasters going on in the world, there are issues within my own family regarding my parents, etc that I worry about, my amount of worry regarding that is so immense, it’s making my heart ache so deep and it makes my blogging not only harder to get to but also it makes it feel so seemingly small and meaningless. 

It’s heartbreaking, and it’s reality and it doesn’t seem like the time to blog about vain and luxurious things, even if they are meant to be light hearted and fun and helpful. 

I also don’t want my blogging to become a chore because it’s suppose to be about fun and creativeness and art. Sweet and fluffy like cotton candy. 

Part of me understands that people like makeup, and fun photos, and they like a fun little escape from everyday life, and it’s fun to share my thoughts with the world so I try to pick myself up and move forward, try a new look, post a pic, write something, interact. 

The other part of me though lately feels like a clown dancing on a narrow tightrope. Painted face, there’s nothing deep to say about Tarte or Mac or YSL. So, I decided to write this and apologize for being a little slow with my blogging. 

I’m not dissing people who are continuing blogging and videoing in the midst of what’s going on in the world and for a lot of people it’s how they make a living and they must go on. I’m just saying it’s hard for me to do so in the midst of this. I applaud all of the wonderful MUA’s, MUE’S, BLOGGERS, & VLOGGERS. It is a great community of talented and kind people. 

I’m saying a prayer for anyone out there going through a rough time and I’m giving my son, Joey an extra tight hug right now. He is the biggest bright spot on the cloudiest of days. I’m so thankful for him. 

Stay tuned. 

Maybe in the midst of re-touched photos, glam hair and makeup, and $100 palettes the beauty world could use a little dose of real interspersed. 
What you wear on your face is fun and can help your confidence etc but it doesn’t define you. It’s not what makes you who you are! 

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