Avant Garde Alert! Kat Von D Alchemist palette review. 

I went a little crazy at Sephora and Ulta recently so you’ll be seeing lots of reviews in the coming weeks on tons of hot, talked about new products. 
Todays review is on the Alchemist Holographic Palette by Kat Von D! 

I was skeptical to order this at first, but after seeing some swatches and rave reviews online I decided to give it a try.
First off, the packaging is really pretty. 

A holographic opal like rainbow in the shape of a triangle or “pyramid”. 

Very majestic! Very “in”. 
If you are a packaging queen, or lover of pretty things, you’ll love this. It’ll look great on your vanity or in your trolley. 
The highlighter can be used on the face, eyes, lips and is stunning. Very pigmented, shiny, shimmery. They give you a cool ethereal glow. 
This isn’t ALL crazy, holographic hype, festival inspired, pigment though, which impressed me. 
If you use it lightly and blend it you can easily achieve a shiny, dewy, angelic look and let me tell you.. It is blend able! 

It is SO creamy for a powder, which is great. It helps the pigment really attach and appear to have some movement. 
I recommend you mix the colors when you blend, for more dimension and a less “one track” hi-lighter type glow. It’ll look very everyday this way. 
When I swatched the pallet on my eyes, they lit up. Again, very dimensional. 
A little spring, a little pastel, a little fairy. 

Will look cool and more holographic with a dark colored base I bet, too. 
My sister, Jade Alexandra said I look like a unicorn frappucino (in the best possible way). Love it! 
Overall, this pallet is cute, blends easily, you can achieve different looks if you work with it the right way, and the light catches it beautifully. Also, some colors are more subtle than others. There ARE 4 shades. 

Some scream more cheek, some more eye, some more “accent”. 
The pink (opal) reminds me of NARS orgasm if they came out with a holographic spring edition & the green (Emerald) doesn’t make you feel like an ogre. 
So, make your face sing this spring with this palette. 
I’ll be doing a cool look to blog with this product SOON! In the meantime enjoy the swatches! 

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