Forever 21st Century

When I used to hear the name Forever 21, I laughed. It was just a silly name to me and I didn’t really understand shopping there. 
I’m sorry to say, I thought it was tacky.

Now when I hear the name Forever 21, I think, Forever 21st Century.

I recently walked past the window of a huge Forever 21 store in a high end shopping center. In the window was a Treasure Trolls shirt that said 90’s kid. 

I couldn’t believe i wanted it, but I had to have it, as I was a 90s kid who collected Treasure Trolls. What a great marketing idea for a store called Forever 21, btw, as we are 90s kids. 

My first thought walking into the store was that I felt like I had just walked into a giant, Instagram page, lol. Very now, very young, very trendy. Unicorns, mermaids, Holographic hot pants. 

I love this Trolls shirt I purchased, but I wear it around the house as pajamas. It’s so comfortable. It compelled me to go online and find a few more comfortable shirts to order as pajamas or “loungewear”. 
Most everything is so super affordable. 

I couldn’t believe I could get 3 cute t-shirts for like, under $30. Usually that’d cost just under $300 when I go shopping, or at least $150! 

I finally get it, it’s nice for young people to have a place that’s so affordable and cute yet specific to being hip and trendy. I know my college aged sister shops there, for instance. 

Also, If you are looking to be Instagram famous, shop here, lol! That is what the influencers wear after all. 

I definitely see a knock off of Gucci mules & a Chanel Slide, at first glance and I’m not a fan of knock off’s, but they were done in a cute way and I’m sure there are a lot of people out there who would buy a $40 shoe that made them think of Gucci or Chanel.

At the end of the day I think this store has the stamp of approval from me for all the hip young folks out there. I don’t know that I would personally go on a shopping spree there. I just like the fact that you can get a super comfortable $9 T-shirt to wear around the house, but you know what.. their swimsuits are adorable as well, if you don’t mind two sparkly ice cream cones over your… watermelons! 

This just has me thinking.. what came first, the chicken or the egg? Is Instagram, Forever 21? Or is Forever 21, Instagram? Or are all the influencers just in their 20’s? 

Is this the ultimate time for Forever 21?

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