First Instagram Collab

I recently hosted my first Instagram collab! 

Our theme was “otherworldly”.. As in other worldly creatures.

I was a mermaid and both of the other makeup artists in the collab chose to be villains! 
I had so much fun doing this collab and really love the Instagram makeup community. Hope you like our looks!
Check out the fabulous and ultra talented Jade and Julie on Instagram! 

@therealslimjadee_ & @julie_odsgaard

Julie was inspired by Cruella Deville! Such a great take. 

Oh my stars!! NARS!

My obsession with NARS highlighter is real! They are so creamy, so pigmented, so lustrous! I started out using the cream illuminator in Copacabana and let me tell you, it is the perfect, Strobe-worthy highlighter, if you have a light skin tone. 

I swore by Copacabana for forever and then one day while shopping at Sephora I came across New Order, a crazy pink highlighter with blue undertones and flecks of gold. I had to have it. Literally, I gasped upon the tester swatch. Unfortunately, due to error I walked out of Sephora with NARS Albatross shade instead and before returning It I decided to give it a swatch (even though at a glance it looked like every other highlighter to me.) 

Well, it wasn’t!! It was this gorgeous, creamy highlighter, with golden orange, champagne iridescence. Intense!! I could see it working on many, many skin tones.

Other similar toned highlighter I have are lackluster compared to Albatross so, I decided to keep it and also order New Order which I also love as kind of a blush contour more than a true highlighter. It highlights but doesn’t Strobe. It’s so much fun. Especially with a pop of color on the eyes. It’s also strangely great on the forehead. 

The packaging on the powder highlighter is nice and sleek, as well. Easy for travel, etc. They retail for $30.00 and are available at Sephora and NARS, to name a couple. 

So, go out and try a “NARS highlighting blush” or illuminator! I get so many compliments. I swear, they won’t disappoint. 

Groovy Cheeks!

I think I invented a new cheek look. 
It’s called Groovy Cheeks & it’s not an every day look. 

It’s a little bit hippie and a little bit harijuku!
So fun. #FlowerPower

Think Instagram/Festival. 

I feel like a cross between a spring fairy, and a samurai! 

To achieve this cheek look I first used my NARS copacabana illuminator on the high points of my cheeks, next I placed little flower stickers that I found at the craft store, around different places on my cheeks (hollows, high points, etc) 

Then I took a pink Mac blush from their nutcracker collection, which was limited edition, but any pink blush will do, and I brushed across the hollows of my cheeks.
Then I blended it with a little Tarte illuminator from the Make Believe palette. 

Then came the Kat Von D Alchemist palette. I went crazy in all the usual highlight spot with every color in the palette, although it doesn’t look that way. I blended them quite a bit. 
Then I took the stickers off!

I left one pink sticker on to tie everything in.

So fun!