Groovy Cheeks!

I think I invented a new cheek look. 
It’s called Groovy Cheeks & it’s not an every day look. 

It’s a little bit hippie and a little bit harijuku!
So fun. #FlowerPower

Think Instagram/Festival. 

I feel like a cross between a spring fairy, and a samurai! 

To achieve this cheek look I first used my NARS copacabana illuminator on the high points of my cheeks, next I placed little flower stickers that I found at the craft store, around different places on my cheeks (hollows, high points, etc) 

Then I took a pink Mac blush from their nutcracker collection, which was limited edition, but any pink blush will do, and I brushed across the hollows of my cheeks.
Then I blended it with a little Tarte illuminator from the Make Believe palette. 

Then came the Kat Von D Alchemist palette. I went crazy in all the usual highlight spot with every color in the palette, although it doesn’t look that way. I blended them quite a bit. 
Then I took the stickers off!

I left one pink sticker on to tie everything in.

So fun!

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