Blush Bomb


Blush Bomb, is it really the bomb?

A new trend I’ve been seeing a lot about is “The Blush Bomb” aka blush draping. Harpers Bizarre is calling it a must look for Spring and celebrities are diving head first into the blush brush after seeing this on Spring runways and all I can think is… why? To me the only time this look works is on some distant Dolce & Gabbana runway (think Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell circa ’96) or in a harajuku lovers ad.

The most I’ve been able to get behind this trend this season is the way Fenty threw it down. More like an atomic bomb. The Illuminated blush bomb. Talk about tying two major cheek trends together, but unfortunately for this look, at the end of the day, all I can see is harijuku girl taking an 80s glamour shot. This should be left in Japanese culture, otherwise proceed with major caution like Chanel.

Bottom line, it didn’t work on Kristen Stewart and it probably won’t work on you.

Can you say Jem & the holograms?

Now someone please save us from this 80s themed zombie apocalypse!


(Above is our version of the “blush bomb” Illuminated subtle draping to give you a dewy and defined glow! My sister is channeling her inner Kate Moss.)

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