I wish I was a Hayden Williams drawing. Everyone would be in love with me.

Some days I just wish I was a Hayden Williams drawing. A stick thin glamazon who’s cheek bones could cut Ice.

I’d throw on my Oscar De La Renta gown with fishnets and embellished Giuseppe Zanotti’s. No need for today’s social norms, no need for eyelash extensions or waist trainers because everyone’s perfect in Hayden Williams wonderland. He brings such a modern edge to everyone he draws. Whether an old Hollywood Marilyn or a modern Queen (B)eyoncé, or the fictional Cinderella.

I want to live in a world where Kate moss is a little bit Rachael Zoe and Gigi Hadid is a little bit baby spice.

How can this artist make his illustrations look like they are literally sparkling and strobing? So much dimension! So much movement. So fierce.

A fantasyland where Cinderella and the Prince look like they could attend a soirée with Chuck and Blair from Gossip Girl and Mulan looks like she’s shopping with the girls from Clueless in the 90210.

His illustrations are otherworldly yet lifelike to point of needing no title. One look and you know exactly what it girl you’re looking at.

I love the beauty, style, sparkle, and magic Hayden Williams brings to the world in his drawings. I didn’t think it was possible to out Diva a Diva until I saw his work, making perfect seem even more perfect.

like a hologram, or an alter ego, or well… an illustration.


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