The Deb Kylie

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In my opinion, this seasons take on the 80’s side pony is a lil’ bit Kylie, a little bit Deb (“what’s a Liger?”), and I love it!

A low sleek side pony with a baseball hat.

If you ask me, you can rock the low side pony virtually anywhere. Dress it up or dress it down.

Chanel made this look totally happen on the Spring/Summer 2017 runway, and you should too. This trends got me singing “now watch me deb, now watch me Kylie” (to the tune of the ‘Whip Nae Nae’).
I just wanna throw on some pink lipstick, an adidas hat and GO! Can you say effortless? Everyone loves a girl who looks cute and effortless.

Otherwise, you can always do it up Blake Lively style. She is the queen of the chic dress and side pony look, after all!

Bottom line, I love a side pony just as much as I love a high pony.

I say definitely do away with top knot for a while, which could leave your hair broken and your friends rolling their eyes and cracking Kardashian jokes… and rock a pony!


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