Emerald City (Crown Eye Trend) 

There’s an eyeshadow trend that I’ve been seeing on Instagram and YouTube. Crown eyeshadow. Basically when you close your eye you can see a crown and when you open the eye all you can see are the peaks of the crown behind your lashes. Some people add jewels or glitter and usually this look is done in pink or purple or metallic eyeshadows. 
I was looking around online at photos last night while my sisters and our friend were watching this weird, creepy 80s remake of Wizard Of Oz. It hit me.
I’m going to do an Emerald City take on this strange boughetto crown trend. 
What did I think of this look? 
Although it leans tacky and is really more artistry than a wearable look, I’m not going to lie.. I think it’s kind of cute. I wouldn’t necessarily wear this out for a ladies luncheon but I would maybe pair this with some green tipped false lashes for a funky night out. I also thought Nikki tutorials looked really pretty in her crown eyelash tutorial. I love how the glitter comes up right above your lashes and it wasn’t as hard to achieve as you’d think. 
So, this was fun to try and snap a picture of but you probably can’t wear it too many places. Some ideas where you could try it could be for a girls princess birthday party or Halloween or a sexy burlesque photo shoot (think smokey crown eyes and red sparkle lips)

I’ve seen some crown eye hate online and I understand it’s not for everyone, but In the end I think life’s tooshort to hate on a fun little makeup trend like this. I DO love bling. 

Did my look come across a little more Statue of Liberty than Emerald City? 
If you want to hear how I created this look leave a comment and I’ll post about it, my pretty! 

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