Strobe like Versace, shine like Cavalli!

Versace and Cavalli are just a couple designers who sent models strutting and strobing down the runway recently. 

Everywhere where you look lately you’re being sold a new illuminator. Cream, powder, holographic, rainbow. Different hues, glitters, names. 

Women are taking the advice of Sia and Rihanna and literally shining bright like Diamonds. Celebs are ditching the heavy bronzer and cake face routine for a hot and youthful dewy glow. 

I’m obsessed with strobing and think this is one look that should never fade. Illuminator just makes people look a little brighter and more angelic. 

Whether a dewy look, a subtle glow, or a “BAM” don’t stand too close to the light look, it’s fine by me. It’s fun to brighten things up. It can go wrong though.. 

I think the biggest highlighting mistakes I see are when someone has put so much on that it looks like they should play alongside poppy (Anna Kendrick) in the animated movie, Trolls. Can you say Princess Glitter Sparkles? 

Also, when you maybe place the illuminator too low or high on your cheeks or in the wrong places for your particular structure. 

I think it’s also important, like a foundation, to find the right shade (At least for every day use and especially if you have a darker skin tone.) 
My sister Hannah has a much darker (medium/carmel/tan) complexion than me and should always go for more of a beach glow or goddess look, golden or champagne illuminator, where as I use a lighter illuminator like NARS Copacabana (I swear by it).
I think it’s easier for lighter skin tones to use a wider range of shades when it comes to highlighter. I also like to prep my skin with an oil or illuminating primer. 

When you illuminate always remember.. 

Cheekbones, brow bones, Cupid’s bow, nose, forehead.. Do it right! Or as Tim Gunn would say “make it happen”.

When you catch the sun the gods should sing… not gossip! 
As if makeup isn’t fun enough, I think it’s in an especially fun place. It can be hard being a woman. Some days it’s hard to find time to put on a full face of makeup. 
I think if the highlighting trend, unicorn trend has done anything it’s given us a little spring in our step and a little fun in our routine. We are girls after all! 

Throw on some highlighter with a pretty unicorn brush, and sparkle. Throw in a high pony next time you run out for milk, and you’re ready. Very fabulous and very low maintenance.

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