Connect The Dots (the drawn on freckle trend)

I come from a big family where I have 6 brothers and sisters. The three youngest girls have the cutest freckles, inherited from my mom, but two of these sisters have spent most their lives covering them up with makeup. 
My sisters aren’t the only people I’ve known who dislike their freckles. I know lots of people dislike them on themselves to the point of using creams and lasers to remove them.

That’s why the new trend of drawn on freckles is so interesting. People are actually drawing and in some cases having freckles tattooed on! Isn’t that how it goes? You also see this phenomenon a lot with women who have curly hair wanting straight hair and women with straight hair wanting curly hair. 
Drawn on freckles hearken me back to the drawn on mole craze. You know, the supermodelesque, Cindy Crawford mole strategically drawn above your lip. 
I remember years ago my mom put on her favorite John Paul Gaultier military/dominatrix inspired skirt suit after having put on a full face of makeup equipped with red lips and a mole. Everyone at the event she attended raved about how phenomenal she looked. Some people had even tricked themselves into thinking she had the mole all along and that she must’ve gotten Botox or changed her hair. 

Funny what the mind can do. 
I guess the look was a hit, although I don’t recall her ever doing it again. It was just a moment of fun for her. 
So, I’m unsure of how I feel gearing up to paint spots all over my face, but we will see… 
I’m going to try the pencil method of drawing on freckles today. I want them to look “Peppermint Patty” or “Strawberry Shortcake” like so I’m going to use a brown eyebrow pencil that has a slight tint of orange. My goal is to look playful, not totally authentic. I lined my cheekbones to draw attention to them & make them pop a little. 

I think after trying this I feel the same way as I do about the mole trend. 
It can be cute, fun, an adventure. 

Sometimes it’s fun to “play dress up”. So, maybe you would try fake freckles here or there. I honestly had a lot of fun seeing myself with freckles. 

I don’t think this trend is for me though.  

I love drawn on freckles for a Halloween costume like little red riding hood or even for a sexy maid, or with crazy barrel curls and big false eyelashes to go out on a date with my husband, or for a photo shoot, or maybe even on a fun girls vacation, or a picnic with braids and a sun dress, but definitely not for everyday! 

What do you think? Do I look like a modern peppermint patty? 

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