Old Money, Old Concept? 

This morning I was putting on my makeup and I decided on blue eyeshadow with a pink sparkle lip. A little much, maybe, but fun! 
Ironically my night gown was blue and my lips and eyes tied into my pajamas perfectly.
I write this, because when I was younger, someone I knew who was very old money & high society told me you NEVER match your eyeshadow to your gown (dress) and I’ve carried that with me always. I’ve seen celebrities etc over the years do this here and there though. Sometimes it’s cute, sometimes it’s drab. It can definitely go south if not done as tastefully as possible unless we are going super avant Garde with lots of layers, texture, colors which in that case it’s art so, it’s a different story. 
Anyway, my question is… 

Do you think this concept of not matching your eyeshadow to your dress is a thing of the past? An old rule or “uptight”?
Along the lines of not wearing brown shoes with a black belt? Which is also a rule that’s being broken. 
Do you think it’s ok in certain instances? 
I’m very torn when it comes to this concept or rule. I think on a rare occasion it may be okay and with certain colors and looks more than others. Like, maybe a very subtle or very over the top look. Then again a simple eye with any dress is gorgeous and sometimes less is more and a stand out eye with a black dress is very chic and happening and creates contrast. All one color can look strange to the eye. 
I’d love to hear any serious thoughts on this! 🙂 

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